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Local Excursions in the Bavarian Forest

Visit the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest, together with the adjoining Bohemian Forest, make up the largest area of protected nature in Europe and include the largest wilderness area between the Atlantic and the Urals.

The area has a rich heritage of medieval history, of small scale mining, castles and battles, as well as more modern history of glass production, brewing and the iron curtain, which ran through the middle of the Bayerisch Eisenstein railway station.

  • The top of the Arber mountain - go up by cable car, take the circular walk around the top, eat or drink in one of the restaurants. Carfree: take the bus from the village station to the cable car.
  • The typical forest village of Zwieselerwaldhaus. Carfree: take the train to Zwiesel and then the Falkenstein Bus.
  • Regenhuette with the largest private animal museum in Europe. Carfree: take the bus.
  • Grosser Arbersee lake with pedaloes, restaurant, walk around the lake and fairytale park. Carfree: take the bus from the village station and either walk to the lake or change buses at the cable car.
  • Rissloch Water Falls. Carfree: take the train to Zwiesel and then to Bodenmais and walk from there.
  • Ludwigsthal: wild animal enclosures and Haus zur Wildnis with National Forest information centre and 3D cinema, excellent place for lunch with organic food prepared from regional ingredients, unusual Parish Church (the only Art Nouveau church in the Bavarian Forest and the only one in Germany with completely painted walls), Gasthof zur Wurzelsepp with wood carvings done by the owner. Carfree: take the train from the village station to Ludwigsthal - just one stop.
  • Zwiesel with the former Schott glassworks with factory tours, forest museum, brewery (tours),Theresienthal Glassworks/Museum/Restaurant, Hieke schnaps producer and shop. Carfree: Take the train from the village station.
  • Farmhouse museum at Lindberg. Carfree: take the train to Zwiesel and then the Falkenstein Bus.
  • Animal park at Lohberg. Also tourist train to the Kleiner Arbersee lake.
  • Lam with leisure pool, silver mine, fairy tale and ghost castle, mineral museum.
  • The glass museum, glassworks and glass shops as well as the rococo church at Frauenau. Carfree: take the train to Zwiesel and then to Frauenau.
  • Regen with agricultural museum. Also Weissenstein castle just outside the town. Carfree: take the train from the village station.
  • Open air farm museum at Finsterau. Carfree: take the train to Zwiesel, then Spiegelau, then the Finsterau Bus.
  • Museum village at Tittling.
  • Cistercian monastery church at Gotteszell. Carfree: take the train from the village station.
  • Silver mine and Joska Crystal glassworks at Bodenmais. Carfree: take the train to Zwiesel and then on to Bodenmais.

Carfree: all of these destinations can be reached FREE OF CHARGE using your GUTi card which you will receive at check in. Even if you travel to the village by car, you will save on fuel and parking costs by using public transport. PLEASE NOTE the Arber Gondola, some restaurants etc. close for maintenance, holidays etc. during November and early December. There is still plenty to do and see but some may be closed. Arberland


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