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Haus Sterr

Haus Sterr

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Haus Peter



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Environmental Policy

Whether or not you agree with the idea of ‘global warming’ and the need to do something about it, everyone surely agrees that oil is a finite resource and, at times very expensive (which can only get worse as reserves dwindle) and that reducing energy usage is a good thing.

Please try to help us and most guests prefer to do this but if you do not please try a keep the major areas of waste sorted.

Thank you

Living next to 2 National Parks has also helped to convince us that it is important that we minimise the impact of bringing people to the area on the local environment.

We have invested in reducing energy usage in our house:

Forsthaus – loft insulation, solar panels, modern double glazing, low energy lightbulbs*, wood pellet heating and wood burning stove

All taps and showers have water saving inserts.

We are reducing our use of chemical cleaning materials to a minimum. We separate all of our rubbish and take it for recycling and ask our guests to do the same, using the containers provided in the cellar.

Kitchen towels and toilet rolls we use/supply are made from recycled paper. 

In the garden, we collect rainwater for watering plants and use chemicals as little as possible.

We encourage our guests to drink tap water, which comes from local springs.

Wherever possible, the food and drink which we provide in the apartments or for sale in our ‘shop’ is organic.

We encourage our guests to use public transport (especially now that local transport can be used free of charge) by supplying as much information as we can on the local train and bus services, and offer a free service to collect and return guests to the local station subject to availability and being fully informed in advance of arrival time. 

We do the following to reduce our consumption of finite resources and ask our guests to do the same: 

  • Keep the radiator settings to 3 or below - in our own living areas, we never find it necessary to turn the radiators above 3, even when the outdoor temperatures are minus 18!.
  • Turn the radiators to 0 if we open the windows or the balcony doors so that the radiators are not working to heat the outside air.
  • Only use the dishwasher when you have enough dishes etc. to fill it.
  • Only wash clothes when we have a full load for the washing machine
  • Use a drying rack rather than the tumble dryer whenever possible (all apartments are supplied with a folding drying rack to use on the balcony)
  • Only put the amount of water we actually need in the kettle.
  • In summer, wash fruit and vegetables over the washing up bowl and put the water on the window boxes
  • Make sure lights are switched off when we leave a room or the apartment

We provide guests with free reusable organic, unbleached cotton shopping bags to use instead of plastic carrier bags.

Finally, we encourage guests to visit the local shops and restaurants as much as possible .

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Bavarian Forest mountains

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