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Trains, Buses & Boats

Bayerisch Eisenstein is well served by trains and buses.

The village station has the excellent Waldbahn trains:

  • Within Germany, the trains go to Zwiesel, where you can change onto branch lines to Bodenmais or Grafenau, or carry on to Plattling, where you can catch mainline trains to anywhere in Germany or Europe
  • Across the border, the trains go as far as Spicak

There is no ticket office on the German side of the station, tickets are purchased on the trains.

You can now use your guestcard (GUTi), which is given to you when you arrive, to travel free of charge on every day of your stay within the Bavarian Forest on the BayerwaldTicket network (not beyond Gotteszell) and across the border on the Waldbahn trains to Spicak. As many trips as you like on as many days as you like and it doesn't cost a cent!

The BayerwaldTicket network gives you access to more than 1,000 kilometres of bus and train routes, including 18 railway stations in Germany and 3 railway stations in Czech Republic, in a total of 4 different directions, on the rail network.

In addition, there are bus routes stretching from Furth in Wald to the north west to Waldkirchen in the south east. You will find a timetable for all of the routes in your apartment when you arrive and we supply you with a list of things to do at each station, from historic towns and villages to varied and beautiful walks in the forest.

For longer trips you can use the Bayern-Ticket  ( )

For families and groups of up to 5 adults (childen free), giving unlimited travel on regional and S-Bahn trains in Bavaria from 09.00 until 03.00 the following day on weekdays and for the whole day at weekends and on public holidays. These tickets can used for traveling to Regensburg, Passau and Munich (and anywhere in between) and is the cheapest way to travel between Bayerisch Eisenstein and Munich Airport.

Czech Republic

You can use your GUTi ticket on the Waldbahn trains to Zelezna Ruda and Spicak.

There is a day trip from the village to Klatovy by train on Wednesdays in the high seasons.

Trains from the Czech side of the station run to Klatovy and Plzen and stations in between. Be sure to buy your ticket from the ticket office on the Czech side of the station (in crowns if possible) or on the Czech train to get the best price. Czech trains go through to Prague and there are several through trains every day although the journey takes 4 hours.

There are buses to many Czech towns and villages. Travel on the green buses in the Sumava National Park costs around CZK 80 per person.

Distances by Train from Bayerisch Eisenstein station


Time taken by fastest service

Zwiesel, Germany 0:13 hrs
Regensburg, Germany 1:46 hrs
Passau, Germany 1:43 hrs
Plzen, Czech Republic 2:11 hrs
Nuernberg, Germany 2:40 hrs
Munich (city), Germany 2:52 hrs
Salzburg, Austria 4:05 hrs
Prague, Czech Republic 4:15 hrs
Vienna, Austria 4:38 hrs
Munich Airport, Germany 2:50 hrs
Cesky Krumlow, Czech Republic Easily accessible by car or bus trip from the village but 6 hours by train!
Bus Trips

There are bus trips from the village to Passau, Regensburg, Prague, Bohemian Forest, Karlovy Vary/Marianske Lazny, Cesky Krumlow. Some  have a pick up in the village, others require you to meet the bus in Bodenmais.


The nearest point of the Danube is at Deggendorf - approx 40 minutes by car. From there, there are day trips by boat to Passau.

If you go to Passau by car or train, there are a wide range of trips on Danube from the quay in front of the Rathaus, from short 45 minutestrips to see Passau from the river to 2 hour trips with the option of lunch or coffee and cake. There are also evening trips, some with firework displays.

There are also boat trips at Regensburg, around the city and to the Danube Gorge etc.


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