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November to Christmas is the quiet period in the village and the whole Bavarian Forest. Bavarians call it 'die staade Zeit'. There are very few tourists and many restaurants and attractions close down until Christmas.

But there is plenty to enjoy: the area is free of tourists, the walks are peaceful with only locals to greet you with a cheery 'Grüß Gott'. The food shops are all open and if your pleasure at the end of a day's peaceful walking or exploring is to cook yourselves a nice meal in your cosy apartment and then settle down to a good book or film, a game of chess or cards, you will be in your element here.

This is time when the events are local celebrations with no thought of guests - but that does not mean the guests are not welcome, just that they are not expected! There are 2 particular customs this month around St. Martin's day: the Wolfsauslassen at Rinchnach involving human 'wolves' with massive cow bells tied to their belts, making a dreadful noise and chanting - something to do with bringing animals down from the high meadows before the winter. And on St. Martin's Day itself, school children celebrate the selfless act of charity of the saint, with a re-enactment of him donating half of his cloak to a poor man, processions with lanterns and the first Gluehwein of the season (for the parents!).

Then there is the Zwieseler Fink folk music weekend, a competition but the musicians are mainly playing for themselves and each other.

The snow usually arrives in earnest and skiing on the Arber often starts by late November or ealy December..

The first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the Christmas season, often falls on the last weekend in November, a signal for the main daily Christmas markets to open.

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