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Bavarian Forest National Park

The Bavarian Forest National Park was the 1st National Park in Germany, founded in 1970,  and covers a large area from Bayerisch Eisenstein along the Czech border to the South.

The Park contains the largest area between the Atlantic and the Urals where nature is left to its own devices, allowing it to return over time to its natural ‘wilderness’ state.

The Park is 1 of only 3 in Germany which are internationally recognized according to the criterion that at least 75% of the Park area must be untouched by any human activity such as hunting or forestry.

Bavarian Forest Holidays are pleased to have qualified as a Nationalpark Partner. This means that we offer a good standard of quality, keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and offer a wide range of information on the National Park.

Information Centres

Lusen National Park Centre, Neuschoenau , has information on the National Park and a relief model of the Park. There are slide and film shows and an exhibition on the Eco-System of the National Park. Because of the density of forests in the National Park, visitors rarely have a chance to glimpse the indigenous wildlife population such as black storks and lynx therefore the 250 hectare site at Neuschoenau is home to 45 varieties of birds and animals in enclosures which replicate their natural habitat, including bison, lynx, owls, wolves, wild boar, otters, brown bears, squirrels, pine martens, capercaillie, amongst others (Parts of the forest are closed to visitors to protect the capercaillie, which are in danger of dying out). The main entrance is at the P1 car park, close to the Hans Eisenmann Visitor Centre. There is no entrance fee for the animal enclosures but there is a fee for parking. The enclosure area is open all year and always accessible. In winter, the paths are cleared and gritted. The paths are well signposted and suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs. The complete route is 7 kilometres and the recommendation is to allow 3-4 hours to complete it. There are 2 short cuts which reduce the distance to 3 kilometres and the time needed to 1 hour.

A display of typical rocks from the region can be seen next to the Natural Garden at Neuschoenau.

Typical plants of the forest landscape can be seen at the Natural Garden close to Hans Eisenmann Haus at Neuschoenau. More than 700 plant varieties can be seen in the 4 hectare garden, arranged in different types of habitat, all of them labelled. Examples of the plants, raised in the centre’s own nursery, are for sale in the shop.

Open 09.00-17.00 every day, closed 2nd week November, reopens 26th December (Times subject to change some years).

The complex at Neuschoenau is also home to the longest Tree Top Walk in the world and the Tree Egg (Baum Ei) for which there is an entrance fee (reduced with tourist card). They are wheeelchair and buggy accessible, as are the animal enclosures.

Carfree: take the train to Zwiesel and then Spiegelau, then take the Finsterau Bus to Neuschoenau.

Falkenstein National Park Centre, Ludwigsthal, covers the Falkenstein-Rachel area of the National Park, reached by footpath from the car park/railway station at Ludwigsthal, past the model ice age cave and animal enclosures. There are 4 animal enclosures, with animals which would have lived in the area in ice age times – horses, cattle,  lynx and wolves. The Haus zur Wildnis centre shows 3D films and has a playroom, shop and restaurant.

Carfree: take the train from the village station to Ludwigsthal - just one stop.

Red deer enclosures at Scheuereck: a 9 hectare site with a 300 metre path through the middle and 2 viewing platforms. The enclosures can be visited at any time of year but end September/early October is when the rutting season presents the most exciting experience. There is a covered viewing area so that winter feeding can be observed even during bad weather. There is also a Gasthaus by the enclosures and it is the starting point for some excellent walks in the Falkenstein area.

Carfree: take the train to Zwiesel and the Falkenstein Bus

Facilities for Children

Forest Playground: a 50 hectare site in the forest, with playgrounds, a nature trail and a meadow with barbecue facilities. It can be reached from the ‘Waldspielgelaende Parkplatz’ (car park on the edge of Spiegelau. Follow the Tapfauenauge circular path (suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs) for about 1 hour. Refreshments and toilets are available.

Carfree: take the train to Zwiesel and on to Speigelau.

Carfree means that all of these destinations can be reached FREE OF CHARGE using your GUTi card which you will receive at check in. Even if you travel to the village by car, you will save on fuel and parking costs by using public transport.


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